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Welcome to the spot where you get the correct information about how to become a member in Barcelona´s cannabis clubs.

We describe you the steps in the easiest and shortest way about how to become a member and enjoy at maximum.

About Us

Is to inform and connect you with the right spots in town

We observed that many persons have no idea that they can use cannabis legally in Spain. Together we are stronger, so we decided to spread the word also on the internet and Inform as much people as possible about the Cannabis industry which has plenty of benefits for the human health. And beside that is also very fun.

So here at we inform and connect you with the best cannabis clubs in the city.

Why people like Barcelona Cannabis Clubz?

  • We are connected with the best clubs in the City
  • We care of your privacy. We are 100% confidential
  • We Value our and your time. We connect you as fast as possible.
  • In the clubs you find: accessories, wide variety of weed, hash,oils, accessories, edibles an more..
  • We inform you about the best clubs where you enjoy and have fun at maximum
  • We Turned the back at the black market and we promote the legalization
  • We Are available all the time. You can contact us by mail, phone or whatsaap. The whatsaap is the fastest and is 24h.


How Can you Become a Member?

To get your membership card you need:
  • To be Adult with the minimum age: 18-21 years old(Some clubs allow only over 21 years old)
  • To be Spanish resident or not(some clubs accept only Spanish residents but some accept also foreigners).
  • Cannabis consumer for different reasons (Medical or recreational).

How old you have to be for access a cannabis club in Barcelona:

In Spain a person is a legal adult when is 18 years old. Once you are adult you can consume cannabis, hashish etc. in the clubs, but some clubs are limiting their members at a minimum age of 21 years old. The best is to let the club know how old are you and you´ll earn time.

Can you join a cannabis club in Barcelona if you are a foreigner?

If you are visiting the city and you are not a Spanish citizen you still can get a membership and enjo. There is NO LAW which forbids MEMBERSHIP CARD to foreigners, but some clubs are not making memberships because of their own reasons. Some clubs will make your MEMBERSHIP CARD with a valid ID, Driving License or Passport. No other unofficial documents accepted. To win time and be prepared, when you contact a club, the best is ask them if they have any restrictions.

Some clubs ask for spanish address.
Are you excited?

Would you like to become a member and join a Cannabis Club?

Important things you have to know before you become a member:
  • Ask for an invitation: You need an invitation to become a member in a cannabis club. If you don´t know anyone you can contact the club or you contact us and we´ll be happy to help you.
  • Visitors and guest are not allowed: Only persons with invitation can join it. Don´t stay in front of the club, n´or let anyone waiting there.
  • Membership card and annual fee: Prices range between €20 to €50 depending of club. Some are more exclusive and better quality. The fee you pay it once and is for one year.
  • Id and membership card: Once you are a member and you come to the club, you need to identify you at the entry and inside if required, so ID, Driving License or Passport you needed to carry with you.
BE AWARE THAT: Some promoters from the street can scam you. Some of them are real and can help you. It depends of you if choose or not.

If you want info and maximize your time and get for sure a membership, contact us, let us know and we´ll inform you how to get the membership safe, fast, easy and enjoy the best cannabis clubs in town!


1Can I smoke weed on the street in Barcelona?
No. You can´t do that because if the undercover or regular police will see it you are going to have a problem. Better avoid unnecessary problems
2How I can smoke weed legally in Barcelona?
You contact us and we will help you become a member in one or more cannabis clubs. Once you are a member and you are in a cannabis club, you can choose from the wide variety of weed, hash and other products that exist in a cannabis club.
3If I am a member I can smoke on the street with my friends?
No. you can´t. If you are a member you can go in the club and you can smoke there. Many clubs recommend to don´t take the weed outside, but you take the final decision. If you do so, make sure that is less than 5g and is in your underwear and better smoke it at home.
4With the membership card can I access all the clubs in Barcelona?
No. These are private cannabis clubs and for each club you need to register and have a unique, non-transferable card.
5Once I am a member I can buy how much weed I want?
You have to know the ¨LEGAL Words¨: It´s illegal use the words ´BUY´ or ´PURCHASE´, Because is not a shop. That is a cannabis club where you are a member. You go there to ´PICK UP´ , ´ACQUIRE´ or ´GET´ cannabis from the club. Never use the word ´BUY SOME WEED´.
6How much cost the membership and for how long?
The price depends on the club. Prices could range from 20-50 euros and the membership is for one year normally.
7How long are the clubs open?
Depends of the clubs. But the average is from 12 to 00h.
8What if I buy weed from the Drug Dealers on the street?
  • 99% of the times you will get scammed because they will sell you the wrong amount.
  • You don´t know what you smoke. In the cannabis club you see the THC level you see if sativa or indica, Indoor or Outdoor etc.
  • You buy from the street you have a very high risk of being followed by the cops and you support an illegal cause. When you become member you expand the consciousness, you are one more that enforces the legalization.
  • You also have the unique experience of enjoy a cannabis club, experience that only Barcelona and Amsterdam can offer you in Europe.

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